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"I was excited to be working with Nicole to increase my overall confidence and address some previous personal and relationship trauma outside the realm of traditional therapy sessions. I always felt better afterward and felt that the coaching and tools she provided were suitable and useful for me right now and for the future. I liked the energy Nicole brought every week and how no topic was shelved.

She is very present and believes in working through what is going on in the moment, even if it is not directly related to what the coaching “homework” was...  I absolutely recommend Coach Nicole! She is a great coach and so wonderful to work with. It is clear that she really cares about your progress and that you are not alone in whatever you are facing.  She also has a remarkable depth of life experience that adds to the breadth of tools she is able to give and share with her clients.

You get the sense that she has been there too, and it is reassuring to know that she was able to overcome those same hurdles. Relatability, openness, and rapport are important factors for me when choosing to work closely with a coach/mentor; all of which I experienced with Nicole."  
-Name Redacted (woman in her early 30's)

Nicole Guberman
Transformational Coach

I’m a Personal Development and Transformation Coach, Online Dating and Relationship Coach, Confidence Coach, Communications Coach, Entrepreneur, classically trained Opera Singer, Private Vocal Instructor, Resilience Queen… I’m your modern Fairy God-mentor, your Self-love Sorceress, and your Fear Extinguisher. I do many specialized things in my zones of genius, and I do them well. And in the end, how I label myself doesn't really matter. The only thing that truly matters is that I get you RESULTS.  

I’m a fanatical lover of tiny dogs, travel, music, the art of creation, and problem-solving. I love spending time with and cooking for my man, walking on the boardwalk, gazing at the ocean from my window, improving my health, and a whole lot more!

As a Master Success Coach, Master NLP Practitioner, and Master Hypnotherapist, I help high-achieving women unlock their true selves, access their inner power, and help them overcome the unconscious blocks that prevent them from receiving the love and affection from men that they so deeply desire. I show them how to disrupt the habits and patterns that have been keeping them stuck on the online dating hamster wheel, remove ambiguity from their interactions with men, embrace a confident feminine assertiveness, and much more.

Nicole Guberman photo in natureNicole Guberman by a small pond in West Palm Beach, FL

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True Self Love:
How it Strengthens Our Ability
to Communicate as Lovers & Leaders

  • HONORING YOUR VOICETrue Self Love compels us to honor our voice and needs: not losing or denying oneself in the context of others’ behavior
  • A WAY OF LIFE: True Self Love is not simply a state of being, it is an embodiment, a lifestyle
  • FORWARD PROPULSIONTrue Self Love is a series of continuous actions toward one’s higher expansion and one’s personal meaning of existence
  • CENTERED IN PURPOSE & ENERGY: True Self Love empowers us to be led by a deep centeredness in our life purpose and values in our powerful, yet delicately, balanced feminine and masculine energies
  • YOU FIRST: True Self Love exists for ourselves only; is empowering, free of judgment
  • RADIATES FROM WITHIN: True Self Love radiates from within outward, influencing our decisions and behaviors at every level
  • PLAYING BIG: True Self Love means playing BIG, recognizing patterns that hold us back from going FULL OUT, and making the necessary physical, mental, and emotional changes in order to break through
  • POSSESSING COURAGE: True Self Love means possessing the courage to be oneself (and WITH oneself!) in total authenticity and commitment toward all areas of life…committing to facing anxiety with self-compassion and self-acceptance
  • THRIVING IN THE UNKNOWN: True Self Love allows us to act and thrive in the face of obstacles, challenges, fear, and the unknown
  • SIMPLIFIED MINDSET: True Self Love leads to expansive joy, a clear and simplified mindset, and the actualization of our goals, our outcomes
  • DEEPER CONNECTIONS: True Self Love creates space for loving, healthy relationships, both romantic and platonic, deeper connections, and enlightened fulfillment
  • TRUE MINDFULNESS: True Self Love develops through friendly rapport between the conscious and subconscious mind
  • MANIFESTS REAL RESULTS: True Self Love manifests creativity, abundance, and REAL RESULTS!