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"I absolutely loved working with Nicole. During the sessions I was able to work through anger and sadness from past relationships that I had been holding onto. My relationship values have completely changed since. I don’t feel guarded any more, I am more open to love, and I have such a beautiful place to turn inward to… myself! Nicole takes her time to truly listen. She also has a way of keeping it light and fun while still getting to the nitty-gritty. Highly recommend!"
-Cortney J. (She has since found her loving partner)

Attract Your Loving Husband Starting Today...

You are kind, driven, hardworking, successful... you have a full, busy life and want to share it with a man who deeply loves you -- your soulmate. But, you haven't met him yet, despite combing the online dating apps every chance you get. You're ready to be a wife, but you're getting older and time is running out. You wonder if you'll ever meet him...

Most if not all of your girlfriends are either already engaged, married, or now parents. You, on the other hand, you've spent the last decade intensely pursuing your career, focused on other goals, or you haven't been interested in a serious relationship.

But now, things have changed. You've been alone long enough. You've worked hard on yourself. You're not reeling from a recent previous toxic relationship or divorce. You're in a comfortable place with your career and finances, but your dating life just does not match the rest of your awesomeness.

You're back in the game. You're on the apps, and you've been swiping, and swiping, and swiping, going on dead-end date, one after the next, wondering what the heck is wrong. "What am I missing? Why aren't I meeting the right men? When will I meet my future husband? Is getting married in the cards for me? Is this all there is?"

When it comes to finding love online, it's the one puzzle you haven't yet solved. You know you're meant to find the man of your dreams. And you're ready to take an active role and finally do something about it other than praying, hoping, waiting, reading book after book, or piecing together stuff you read on the internet. You need a MENTOR. A guide who has been in the trenches of online dating, who was successful, and wants to share her secrets, techniques, and strategies with you.

Lucky for you, I've been there, just like you.

I know how frustrating this process is.

I figured out how to solve this puzzle.

And I'm here to help.

Now... what if you made a powerful decision?

To go ALL IN and do the courageous work to finally call him in?

What would that do for you... and your future?

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Nicole's BreakThrough Session transformed me. It was such a joy to experience... and that time we shared was just so amazing. It was like we were in a retreat... it was just such a thrilling thing. To feel like I could delve so deeply into my insecurities and issues... and transform them into more positive perspectives. And Nicole really offered me the guidance to do that... she was very comforting and supportive, and I really appreciated her warmth and wisdom. I really feel this work is helping me become the woman I want to be in a more directed manner. I realized that impossibility is nothing. This work really helped me identify the concrete things I can do. Thank you so much for everything."
-S.A. (woman in her early 30's)

The Real Beginnings...

Known for being whimsical, profound, and relentlessly dedicated, I love adventure. I also come from a family of professional givers, with all the learnings, and all the pro’s and con’s (because let’s be real, no family is perfect). These days, I recognize the many, many, pro’s, and am beyond thankful for my roots.

I’ve always worked my tush off in whatever I put my mind to, liking to do well. My background in the arts, opera, education, and personal development led to the formation of my own distinctive superpowers. But really, it often wasn’t easy… in fact, I’d dealt with an extraordinary amount of adversity.

In certain areas of life, I had to learn the hard way… dealing with anxiety, self-doubt, a highly active Inner Critic, overworking, giving too much, people-pleasing left and right, exercising weak boundaries, overly focusing on others, and tossing around my personal power. I also repeatedly found myself engaging with emotionally unavailable, avoidant addicts, toxic people,  or narcissistic "lovers."

There came the turning point. Having led myself astray too many times, eventually I made a decision: I knew that person was indeed not who I truly wanted to be, and I was ready for a new life and identity, once and for all.

When I accepted this decision, I sought help from carefully chosen supportive mentors and… everything changed. EVERYTHING. I dove into a career that served me and where I could truly serve others. I found my soulmate. I learned to rewire my brain and truly value myself. I released the negative emotions and limiting beliefs that had been holding me back.

And If I could create massive change in myself rapidly – even though it was hard – then I knew it was possible for other highly committed, decisive, coachable people. I understood that we all have an inside job to do, in order to live fully aligned, joyous, purposeful lives!

As I took the necessary steps to love and accept myself radically which I had avoided for too long, both my voice literally and figuratively got bigger and bigger. This journey of self-discovery, acceptance, and ascension to truth, has been a magical process, not without challenges, of course, for which I continue to be grateful for every single day. I can’t wait to be a part of your journey of massive transformation and success!
Let’s get started!

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